Ideal for a real estate investor who wants to buy an under market valued home, fix it up and then resell. We finance up to 90% of the purchase price and up to 100% of the rehab funds! In just 7-10 business days, we can close a loan on the purchase of a home and lend you all of the money to rehab the property. This program allows a real estate investor to come up with minimal capital and save money to use toward the next investment project.

  • 90% of Purchase + up to 100% of Rehab
  • Quick Close – Typically between 7 to 10 days
  • Max Term: 13 Months (No Prepay Penalty)
  • Minimum FICO 680
  • Max Loan Amount: $2,500,000

Hard money or private money lending is the principal form of financing that new house flippers will use. A hard money lender loans money to house flippers. A private money lender is similar, but this may be just a single investor who funds smaller projects at slightly lower interest rates.

Hard money and private money loans are ideal for novice home flippers, because they care more about the property and its potential value than about the borrower’s experience or financial qualifications.