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Can I Refinance A Hard Money Loan?

There’s often a misconception that a hard money loan can not be refinanced. However, you do have options even when it comes to hard money loans. There can be plenty of good reasons to refinance these types of loans. Consumers are facing challenges with all types of loans including mortgages, the increasing student loan debt […]

A Proof Of Funds Letter In Hard Money Lending

A proof of funds letter is a document showing a potential buyer that a real estate investor has the funds that they need to close the sale. This letter often contains information from the buyer’s loan provider as well as information about their company. These letters are standard practice for real estate investment purchases. Real […]

Closing Costs With A Hard Money Loan

When closing on a property or refinancing a mortgage, a lot of effort and time is required from both the lender and the borrower. During these efforts, the lender will take care of all closing costs while compensating the lending company for its time and efforts. Hard money lenders, like IMC Money, will spend hours throughout […]

What’s The 2022 Real Estate Forecast?

Have you been wondering what the future of real estate looks like for 2022? Everyone from people looking for house flipping loans to the homebuilding industry have been trying to figure out what this year is going to look like. These predictions are based on the latest information as well as the trends that have […]

2021 Holiday Season & The Real Estate Market

The 2021 holiday season is upon us and one of the biggest impacts is going to have is in the real estate market. Most people don’t consider real estate when they think about holiday shopping trends, but it’s actually one of the most heavily impacted markets. Real estate finance leaders at IMC Money know the […]

Your Guide To Hard Money Construction Loans

Hard money construction loans are one of the many types of people consider when they’re doing home renovations. However, there are some important considerations to make about this specific type of loan. Let’s take a closer look at private loans for home construction projects. What Are Private Construction Loans? Private construction loans and hard money […]

Looking to Increase ROI? Consider These Renovations

If you’re doing a fix-and-flip, you probably want to choose a house that doesn’t need a lot of work. But you have to complete the right renovations to add value to the property — so it’s worth your time. Here’s a complete list of the renovations that are usually most worthwhile in terms of increasing […]

Documents Required to Qualify for a Hard Money Loan

You’re trying to invest in a new real estate project and you want a hard money loan. There’s good news and bad news. The good news? It’s usually easier to qualify for a hard money loan than a traditional mortgage. The bad news? “Easy” is relative. You need to meet fewer strict requirements, but you […]

The Top 5 Fix & Flip Cities in California

California is an attractive location because of its beaches, economic opportunities, and sunny weather, along with the diverse cultures and food options, natural landscapes, and tech and entertainment industry opportunities. However, it’s also an expensive place to live. The good news is, the expense hasn’t made the state any less attractive to real estate investors. […]

Home Inspections: Tips and Common Findings

In 2020 alone, more than 6.5 million homes were sold across the United States of America. Before every single one of these properties was sold, both buyer and seller were likely to undergo a home inspection. Home inspections are pivotal to the real estate market because they ensure both parties are protected from potential issues that may […]